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A Christmas book about Hannakah? | The Matzah Ball book review

This book is about Hanukkah and Christmas. I didn't think such a book could exist and be entertaining, but it does!

This blog is about the fiction book The Matzo Ball by Jean Meltzer. The genre of The Matzah Ball is fiction, and the theme is a romantic comedy holiday. So, if you need clarification, we're talking all about a Christmas book called The Matzo Ball. This book is about writers. I've been reading a lot of books about writers, authors, and journalists. Interestingly, writers like to write about writers. 

This book made me so anxious. And so the big plot twist of the book is... Don't keep secrets. Be celebrated for who you are, and when you keep a secret, people don't know what's going on and can't give you your flowers. They cannot celebrate you. They can't heap upon you all of the love, honor, and respect you deserve for these big deeds. Keep the blood pressure low. Don't keep secrets. That's the big plot twist, but this book was absolutely adorable. I love that Rachel was so obsessed with Christmas.

I mean, like Christmas trees, train sets, big Santas everywhere, right like, hold on. We love you, Rachel, and we love that you love Christmas. Boom! This is in tribute to Rachel because Rachel loves Christmas. So, not keeping secrets is a really important part of the book because you must stand up for what you do. You have to wear it on your chest. You have to own up to it. I like Christmas. I might be Jewish, but I still love Christmas. She loves Christmas. She has written multiple, multiple, multiple, I mean like, more than 15 novels about Christmas, and she can't tell anybody about it because she's the daughter of a famous rabbi.

She doesn't want her family to disown her—so it's a really cute story. You've got all of your classic romantic themes, you got your miscommunication, you got people coming back together, but underneath it all is this huge secret. Don't keep secrets. Don't keep secrets when it comes to your career. Let the people know that you can be celebrated when it's time. Okay? Tell everybody that you're reading this. Hey, have you seen Kyla's Reading Day videos and blogs? Go and celebrate her. Go share. Go shar

So, would I reread this book? Yes, when I tell you this is a very fun read, it's really casual, it's really light you're flipping through, you know, you got the best friend who's funny, a book that you could definitely read more than once. A book that, of course, I want to see turned into a movie. Hello, hallmark channel; let's do it, okay? So yeah, I definitely would reread this book because it was adorable, and you can read it at any time. That was today's review of The Matzah Ball. Leave me a comment, and let me know. Do you really enjoy Christmas? Have you ever had matzo ball soup? Have you ever been to a matzo ball? Ah, you see what I did there? I didn't do it, and she did it. The Matzah Ball, which is a gala, but also matzoh ball soup.

I will see you next time on Kyla's Reading Day.



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