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Who is Kyla Denanyoh?

Kyla is an Ohioan, a lawyer, podcaster, mama, wife, avid reader, write, and digital creator. Whew!

It's weird to talk about myself in the third person. LOL

When I was fired a job in December 2021, I was looking for something to fill my time. The lack of routine and change in circumstances made me start looking around the house to find ANYTHING to do. I found success when I picked up my husband's camera equipment... equipment that he purchased to begin vlogging, but he never touched it.

In fact, marriage has shown me that as I appreciate my husband's habits and interests, I am learning that I can expand my interests and discover knew things about myself. Take a trip down memory lane with me and look at our wedding video:

And I am far too frugal to allow equipment to go to waste.

I am a combination of this so this channel is a combination of things! So I began to record videos every week and now I am obsessed!

I hope you enjoy nerds because I am a BIG nerd. See you later!



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Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I read more than 80 books a year, record a video book review and write about them here! Enjoy!

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