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I'm a
Public Speaker.

Storytelling is sharing.

Storytelling includes sharing my experiences, background, and passions. I frequently speak on podcasts at conferences and featured in blogs or articles to discuss entrepreneurship, podcasting, and risk-taking. 

Storytelling shapes our lives! Kyla Denanyoh shares how to use storytelling to create a remarkable business and brand when Kyla Denanyoh speaks with Victoria Collier for the special "Life After Law" series of the Smart Lawyers: Position to Transition podcast.

Kyla Denanyoh, founder of KD Creative, discussed how to explore the role of storytelling in life and business.

The key takeaways from this episode are:

•⁠  ⁠The significance of storytelling in business and personal branding.

•⁠  ⁠Kyla's inspiration behind launching the "You Are a Lawyer" podcast.

•⁠  ⁠Exploring law school graduates' diverse paths and extraordinary lives outside the courtroom.

•⁠  ⁠How storytelling can help lawyers and business owners connect with their audiences and attract clients.

•⁠  ⁠The importance of commitment, creativity, and authenticity in podcasting.

Listen to Storytelling for Success in Life and Law with Kyla Denanyoh here

Kyla Denanyoh with Victoria Collier Smar

Kyla Denanyoh chats with Deneen L. Garrett about the power of storytelling and how to stop negotiating with yourself. 


Kyla shares how she helps others share their stories and why she transitioned from being a podcast editor to a podcast strategist. By embracing the power of strategy, Kyla helps her clients pitch themselves as guests, pitch guests for their shows, and even secure speaking opportunities. It's all about aligning your podcasting goals with your brand's vision and leveraging the platform to amplify your message.

Kyla also discusses how she elevates women of color by empowering them to live their dream lifestyles. This podcast episode serves as a platform for women from diverse backgrounds, countries, and ages to share their journeys of empowerment, overcoming challenges, and pursuing their dreams. It's a space where women can choose themselves, live boldly, and inspire others to do the same.

Listen to Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation here

Podcasting for Business Owners with Kyla

Proven Strategies for Building a Loyal Audience Through Podcasting

Podcasting is important because the speaker and host can directly connect with their audience. However, you must be intentional about what you want from your podcast, whether that is to create a business from it or to sell to your audience before you start recording. 


Learn more from Kyla's episode with Brent Nelson on Wealth & Law, where she discussed how to grow a loyal audience with podcasting.  

Kyla Denanyoh on Wealth and Law Podcast.png

Our favorite quote from the podcast: “I’m married. I’m pregnant. What else do I add to my plate? Podcasting.” 🙃

Kyla was a guest on the Legally Blissed Conversations podcast. She discussed being an accidental entrepreneur, permitting herself to create a life she loves, and how she is expanding brand visibility with YouTube.

Oh, she and the Legally Blissed Conversations host, Suzi Hixon, also discuss ice cream. Intriguing, eh?

Listen to the Legally Blissed Conversations podcast with Suzi Hixon, Esq. here.

Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 4.43.11 PM.png

Kyla Denanyoh chats with Talib Jasir, founder of Afros & Audio about the power of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU's), podcast sponsors for any audience, and the importance of calling yourself a podcaster

Watch the YouTube video!

Kyla Denanyoh Black History Month 2023 Speaker.jpg

Kyla Denanyoh was a paralegal, practice group assistant, operations manager AND lawyer. How? Because Kyla needed a job and literally worked from the basement of a law firm to a corner office. 

Watch as Kyla Denanyoh speaks with Eda Rosa on the Let's Talk Paralegal podcast.


Kyla Denanyoh writes about what she learned since she started the You Are A Lawyer podcast and how her legal interests changed.

kyla denanyoh guest blogger in dubio pro coffee.png

As a blog writer, Kyla Denanyoh crafted a few writings for Blk Pod Collective. In this article, Kyla explains how to start a podcast, everything from generating an idea to creating a RSS feed.

how to start a podcast in 2022 kyla denanyoh.png

To celebrate being married for five years, look at how much Kyla Denanyoh has grown since her post-wedding interview with Emma Frankart Henterly in 2019. 


Married at The Vault in Downtown Columbus, Ohio, Kyla discussed the value of having a wedding planner or caterer take care of you after the wedding and the silliest argument that Kyla had with her fiancee while planning the wedding.


This article with Kyla Denanyoh was featured in Columbus Monthly for the digital and print version of the publication. Read "LessonLearned: Advice from Kyla Denanyoh" here.

Kyla Denanyoh Theo Denanyoh Outside Wedding Image 2019.JPG

You Can Overcome Failure - Guest Kyla Denanyoh

Kyla Denanyoh spent several years finding her way. Her journey speaks of so much perseverance, and it's one you need to hear. In many ways, it’s similar to the transformation of a caterpillar. For them, it has to feel like everything is falling apart and there is no end in sight, yet they're transforming and growing into something incredibly beautiful.


That's what perseverance is all about. We hit hard places, yet we overcame. We overcome that experience and that low blow, and we fly again. Denise Taylor and I discuss how perseverance has changed my life. 


Kyla Denanyoh is a podcast host, lawyer, and founder of KD Creative. With a decade of experience in project management, Kyla helps small business owners save time and expand brand visibility with podcasting. Skip the boring stuff and launch your podcast at ⁠⁠. 

Kyla Denanyoh Podcast Guest Feature

Empowering Black Voices: The Rise of Podcasts and their Impact of Representation - Q'd Up Audio

Podcasting is powerful, especially for Black podcasters who took the leap and joined the movement before it became really popular. So how do Black people represent themselves and this new medium?


In this article, Kyla Denanyoh discusses the value of diverse perspectives in podcasting, and why she created her podcast, You Are A Lawyer

Screenshot 2023-04-01 at 4.55.34 PM.png

Be Well Sis with Cassandre Dunbar

It took Kyla Denanyoh a long time to recognize that she could become successful AFTER she overcame perfectionism and disappointments.

You Are Enough! Overcoming Perfectionism and Disappointments. 

Listen as Kyla Denanyoh speaks with Cassandre Dunbar on the Be Well Sis podcast.

be well sis thumbnail.png

What is needed to hire and empower team members and lawyers? Kyla Denanyoh discusses how she became an Operations Manager and created a team of paralegals that managed e-commerce and intellectual property (IP law) issues at a BigLaw firm.


Listen as Kyla speaks with Molly McGrath on the Hire and Empower podcast.

Hiring and Empowering Podcast.jpg

Only 5% of all lawyers in America are Black. But of those lawyers, even fewer are Black Women.


Watch as Kyla Denanyoh discusses her Top 10 Black Women Lawyers. Who will make the list? 

Clare Huxtable? Olivia Pope? Annalise Keating? Rachel Zane? Take a look here!


Host of the You Are A Lawyer podcast, Kyla Denanyoh shares highlights about the podcast and why she interviews HBCU law graduates.

who is kyla denanyoh.jpg

Kyla spent time as a ghostwriter for the Delana Muse blog in 2022. After wearing a custom bridal gown for her wedding in 2019, Kyla decided to write about tulle, lace, and silks. Read about it here

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