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I'm a creator, lawyer, and project manager.

​I've been called an Operations Manager, Enforcement Coordinator, Document Specialist, and Editor-In-Chief.


For over a decade, I worked in corporate offices and law firms, hiring and educating personnel, creating training documents, working as a cross-functional consultant, and implementing new ideas. And I loved every minute of it. 


When I started podcasting in 2020, I was excited to learn new tasks (pitching to advertisers and editing audio) while completing tasks I already enjoyed (negotiating and managing spreadsheets). ​

I've worked with education consultants, medical experts, lawyers, children's book authors, and personal finance coaches to tell their stories.

Creative Experience


July: Captured your attention. Thanks for the Google search! 

Hi friend! ✋​


​February: Added podcast launching to the KD Creative roster and signed my first podcast launch client!


October: Switched You Are A Lawyer from biweekly to weekly podcast episodes.

August: Began releasing YouTube recordings of You Are A Lawyer interviews.

May: Launched the You Are A Lawyer newsletter to share updates about the podcast and share behind-the-scenes details as a podcast host and producer.


November: Launched KD Creative to work with small business owners and content creators. Accepted every assignment:

  • designing sales funnels,

  • editing podcasts,

  • creating short-form videos (Shorts, Reels, TikToks),

  • writing website copy,

  • editing long-form videos (online courses and YouTube),

  • blogging about podcasts, and

  • creating drip email campaigns.

Was a virtual speaker at the Afros and Audio podcast conference, where I discussed the importance of batch recording for podcasters.


April: Launched You Are A Lawyer as a biweekly podcast to promote lawyers with side hustles, cool hobbies, and exciting career changes.

February: Began recording lawyer interviews to create the You Are A Lawyer podcast. 

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