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Everything is Chemical | Lessons in Chemistry Book Review

Today, on Kyla's Reading day, we're talking about the book Lessons in Chemistry. This book is written by Bonnie Garmus. The genre of the book is fiction. The theme of the book is humor literature.

So I've heard a lot about this book for yeaaaaaars and finally read it in 2022. I've seen people talking about it online. And it wasn't until someone I know personally recommended it that I was like, let me look for it, right? So I'm walking through the library, and we have this thing called a 'quick pick,' which is where a book comes in; nobody has it on hold real quick snatch it upright, so I grabbed it, and it's phenomenal! Oh my gosh, it's so good!

I typically follow a script of a shocking plot twist or favorite quote, but I'm going straight to whether I would reread the book. Yes, yes, yes! It was so good.

An important quote in the book or plot twist is when the main character has to explain to someone else that cooking is chemistry, right? I had never considered cooking to be chemistry. Never. I know you mix things together. I know there's a reaction. Well, it's a chemical reaction. Cooking is chemistry. So yes, there are sections of the book that are really long drawn out about how eggs elongate when they're whipped, and they add air to them, and that's what makes the cake rise. Sure. Right.

Like Bonnie knows exactly what she's talking about, or she did some exceptional research. But cooking is chemistry. Pheromones are chemistry. Falling in love can be a chemical reaction. Parenting is chemistry. All of it. All of it is chemistry.

One of my favorite characters was a sub character and that was the doctor. So the book follows Calvin and Elizabeth and we are introduced to the doctor when Elizabeth needs care. There's a statement he makes where he says "I know women are stronger than men. Have you seen them give birth?" It felt good to see it written down. I am a mother. I have birthed a child. It isn't easy to give over your body for these months. But even that is chemical, right? Everything in this book is about chemistry, chemical reactions, and how things react chemically.

And like, I never would have thought about the world like that. I'm a lawyer. I don't think about chemistry. I don't think about organic chemistry. I don't think about regular chemistry. I don't think about chemistry.

I know I'll be walking around looking at things like I painted this desk for the next couple of weeks. It was wet, and then it dried. That's a chemical reaction. Like I braided my hair with some pomade, that was a chemical reaction, or like everything is chemical. So that was so eye-opening to me, but it was in an entertaining way. I don't want you to ignore the book because you're like, 'I don't care about chemistry.' But there is an actual story: there are other people, there are animals, and there are all kinds of stuff as well. But the chemical reaction of it just that's the part that blew me away. And this is Kyla's Reading Day, talking about what was important to me. And that was what blew me away.

The book also broke my heart. There's a section of the book that SHOCKS you. You're reading. You're reading. You're reading. There was a part of the book that I was just slack-jawed. What just happened?

And I did not see it coming. I did. And even now, I'm a little embarrassed because I didn't see it coming. But the book is a very, really, really good read. So, thank you for watching today's review of Lessons in Chemistry. Excellent book. I'm thrilled I picked it up and found a quick little copy because it's flying off the shelves. People are raving about it. And I took a chance on it when I saw the moment. And I'm thrilled that I picked it up. Let me know if you have read Lessons in Chemistry. Let me know if you are remotely interested in chemistry. If you're not, that's okay too. Just leave me a comment and let me know what's going on.

Chemistry is everywhere! In our clothes and food, while failing in love or painting furniture. You will never think about life (or chemistry) the same way after reading the fiction novel Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book as a foodie because Lessons in Chemistry is all about food and the chemical reactions that happen while cooking. I've started watching the new show on HBO too. Let me know if you;ve watched it.

Until next week!



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