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Who is Kyla Denanyoh!

I am a combination of things; you will find that all over this website. I'm an Ohioan. I have Ohio stuff everywhere. I have an Ohio tattoo. I also am a bookworm. I love books. I'm always reading a book. I'm always listening to an audiobooks, picking up different books, and so I've been reading books forever. I constantly posted about them on Instagram and thought, why don't I record them? 

So, every Monday, there is a video out for Kyla's reading day, which is a description of a book that I'm reading, whether fiction or nonfiction, in every single genre you could ever think about. And then, I am also a lawyer. I am a 2015 law school graduate from Southern University Law Center in Louisiana. So I went from working in a big law office to doing virtual consulting work, and now I am creating for you. And then last but not least, I am a podcaster. I have a podcast where I interview lawyers to discuss their cool and interesting hobbies or jobs that they're doing. I talk to filmmakers. I talk to art sculptors. I talk to beauty brand creators. Every one!

A new podcast episode comes out every Thursday. I'm also a mama, I'm also a wife and so on this channel you'll hear me talk about law, books, and life. So, whatever reason, it is that you found the video, whether it was from a book review, whether it was from a lawyer interview, or maybe it was just a vlog of me hanging out with my daughter or my husband and talking about Ohio. Because I'm also from Ohio. It's a huge part of my life and a big part of who I am. 

I hope you find something that really excites you and interests you. I release book reviews, interview lawyers, dance on TikTok, love Ohio, help small business owners with marketing, and am awesome. 

Talk to you later, bye.



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I read more than 80 books a year, record a video book review and write about them here! Enjoy!

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