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Why I Started a Podcast

My podcasting journey and starting my business

Are you thinking about starting your own podcast but don’t know where even to start? Maybe you’ve got a great niche to podcast on but aren’t sure how to record or grow an audience. 

If you’re starting from scratch, hopefully, this blog post will inspire you. We will talk about my podcasting journey, starting my business, and how the two are linked together!

Kyla Denanyoh sitting with laptop for You Are A LAwyer cover art
You Are A Lawyer podcast cover art

Setting up my niche podcast

I’ve been an avid podcast listener for many years before I thought of creating my own. It wasn’t until 2020 that I thought of starting a podcast. It took me two months to start drafting up ideas, sourcing guests, recording episodes, and all the regular admin work that goes into running a podcast. 

By April 2020, You Are A Lawyer, an interview-focused podcast, was born. I wanted to shake the reputation that lawyers usually have and introduce them as creative and curious types. I set out to find lawyers with cool hobbies, interesting side hustles, and exciting career changes, hoping that listeners would find inspiration in their stories and journeys. 

People think of lawyers in a certain light. This podcast grew from wanting to change people’s opinions on a lawyer and inspire others on their personal journeys. It’s about encouraging the fact that everyone follows a different path and there’s more to a lawyer’s life than work!

The next step

After about a year of running my own podcast, I was approached by a few other podcasters asking for advice on just how I run my own. That started the wheels spinning on my next project, Skip the Boring Stuff

Lots of people start a podcast because they love to talk. They don’t enjoy everything else involved in running a podcast: writing up show notes, editing raw audio, finding and following up with guests, and repurposing their podcast into blog posts and video content. That’s the sort of stuff that I love to do. 

With interest already there, I launched KD Creative for podcast management services in November 2021. The systems I’ve put in place have allowed me to lend a helping hand to so many podcast owners. They get to concentrate on recording; I do all the extra stuff to keep it running smoothly.

In other words, I help podcasters skip the boring stuff about podcasting.


Having run my own podcast for over a year at this point, I knew exactly what was required to make a successful podcast, and it’s having those processes in place!

The final piece of the puzzle

Now, I’m running my own podcast alongside helping others manage theirs. New clients are approaching me asking for advice. I’m a big advocate for helping others, which led me to set up KD Creative

This service was designed for people who knew they wanted to launch a podcast but had no idea how to start it. Whether they had a niche or an idea, I returned to my own experiences to think about what I would’ve found helpful. 

I created a package allowing clients to complete 1-1 calls to discuss anything related to your new podcast, from recording tips to sourcing guests. I’d built up my collection of templates, outlines, and emails to organize my podcast recordings, so why not help others do the same? 

That’s brought in a completely new audience because I've gone from working with established podcasters to those who are completely new to it all but are willing to learn from someone who’s been through it all themself. We create a plan together for you to follow to launch your podcast.

You should be able to tell by now that I’m very passionate about podcasts! 

You can reach different parts of your audience if you’re an established business or influencer. If you’re new to creating content but know that you love to talk, a podcast is the perfect way to find your niche audience on a topic that you’re passionate about. 

You can see my podcasting journey, and starting my business was a natural transition, so hopefully, you’ve been inspired by it.

Let me know: are you interested in creating a podcast?

Until next time,



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