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How To Create Your Dream Life - We Should All Be Millionaires Book Review

I want to live my dream life. I'm talking about wearing yoga pants every day. I'm talking about having a personal chef. I'm talking all the things. Read on to find out what you must do to live your dream life. 

So if you want to live your dream life, you've got to figure out what that looks like. Today's book is We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rogers. Rachel is a lawyer, and I'm a lawyer. Rachel is showing me how to get my dream life. The genre of the book is nonfiction. The theme of the book is economics, motivation, and business. 

There are five things in this book absolutely blew my mind. I read the book as part of my Confidence series in March 2023. I was having a hard time when I started my business, Skip The Boring Stuff. I don't know how to price myself. How do entrepreneurs think? What would someone pay for my services? And when this book popped up at the library, I needed it to help me figure out why I should be a millionaire. 

Five ways to identify your dream life:

1. Make a list of your bad girl actions. Rachel Rogers says, we're always taught to be these good girls like, 'Oh Kyla's so sweet! Oh kyla will let you skip in front of her in line.' NO! Not anymore. Make a list of your bad girl actions. Bad Girl Actions are things you would do if you didn't have to answer to anyone anybody about what you wanted to do. Make a list as soon as possible. 

I want to read you some of the things on my list and they blew my mind to write them down because I was like can I dream about this? Can I work towards this? A couple other things I want are to a) hire a housekeeper to do laundry, b) get paid to read books all day, c) cut off all my hair, e) train for a marathon, f) put my bills on autopay, and g) be on 60 podcasts in a year. Some of those items are stretches and will take a lot of work to achieve them. 

Being on 60 podcasts in a year while I host the podcast, while I also do YouTube videos, that's going to take some maneuvering. Put your bills on autopay. Girl, is that your dream life? It is—vulnerable moment for me: I've never considered it a big deal to put your bills on autopay. I look at my account every day. I know what's going on. I look at this. I look at that. I look at this. It's not about putting your bills on autopay and never looking at my bank account. Rachel Rogers says she looks at her accounts all the time. She looks at them multiple times a day, but also I'm a tracker, not a budgeter. So, I'm just looking to see what I spent in case I need to move it from one savings account to another checking account. Well, that's not a million-dollar decision. 

2. Make million-dollar decisions, not broke-ass decisions. A million-dollar decision is something that gets your time back. Rachel talks about being a very busy woman and her husband is busy and they got these kids and who's going to feed them? One of the first things she did was hire someone to bring in food or hire a personal chef. Then, by the time they got back, she was able to brainstorm and do other things and put more time into her business, having less stress. And then she got things done. Hiring someone to handle that was a million-dollar decision. So once you read the book, you then start looking at stuff like, all right, I sent out an invoice in January, so I sent another one in February to have it. Uh, it's March; you better send a reminder and get paid! 

So I contacted that person about that invoice, and it was scary, but it was a million-dollar decision, and you know what they said? Oh my god, I completely forgot. I will pay it right now. Was that easy? You must pay attention to your badass decisions and your million-dollar decisions. And that's all a part of getting this dream life.

3. Make a list of all the things you want! To live a dream life you must know what you want. Rachel told me I could do it. She's my big cousin (in my head). She told me to make a list of everything you want. Here are all the things that I want:

  • I want someone to come in and cook for us three times a week.

  • I want a new car (I haven't had a new car since 2006).

  • I want to have my hair professionally done every month.

  • I want a personal assistant to wash laundry and put it away.

  • I want to get my nails done every three weeks.

  • I want to be able to pay my mom's mortgage.

  • I want to take a month-long vacation with my kid and a nanny.

  • I want to do that. I want to pay my life insurance for the entire year at one time.

But when I looked at it, I was like, this is my dream life. This right here, $28,000 a month. I can't even say it out loud. Now if I took the $28,000 a month, multiplied it by 12, and I saw what I need to make for the year, I'll be honest with you... it was less money than I thought it would be. 

Three hundred thirty-six thousand dollars. $336,000 USD!

I can do that! I can do that! I can live a dream life, and it's less expensive than I ever imagined. 

A million-dollar decision is how can I make $28,000 this month, okay? Once I have my number, I can work backward to find the steps to create my dream life. Because you need to make one million-dollar decision after another million-dollar decision after another, okay? So the book was brilliant because it made me think about what I want, what it costs, and how I get there! And I mean, I was telling my husband, I was like, "Oh my God, $28,000 a month, but we'll have this, and we'll have this, we'll have this." He's like, yeah, yeah, let's do it. 

YES! Come on support and encouragement! Let's earn $28,000 a month.

And even better, when I take the $28,000 a month and divide that my the cost of my services, the amount is even more realistic when I realize it's only 7-8 clients a month. Everything was beginning to make sense. Breaking down the process made the dream real. Let's get into the last two points.

4. Rachel Rogers frequently mentions the $8 latte and how she is not going to yell at you about buying an $8 latte. You don't buy the latter, you feel miserable all day and don;t do anything to help your clients. What's the fun in that and you only save $80 in two weeks. 

Or you buy the $8 latte, it makes you feel so good that you crush four hours of work, and have an amazing day! The $8 latte would be a million dollar decision! And that is why we have to decide what we want to spend our money on and what is important to us. Because when you think about if there were no limitations on me, what could I have? It's not about the $8 latte. A lot of money coaches will tell you, don't buy the lattes. That's why you can't buy a house. You got to buy the latte. We don't have time for that. Rachel says, you want a latte three times a week? 

What will you do to earn that $24 to pay for the latte?

And it's a different way of thinking because we often think of money management and money books and economics as struggles. Oh, I can't have my latte. I'm depriving myself of my work. Girl get your latte and be happy; get your latte and have the energy I have right now.

Rachel also discusses the systematic oppression and things that women deal with, especially women of color and trying to earn money. It's absolutely fantastic that you're reading and getting fired up, like 'I can't believe all this has happened,' but thankfully, Rachel has done her research and has all the receipts. If she believes that despite every system and tradition and inequality used to keep Women of Color in financially insecure positions, despite all of that we can still become millionaires. Sign me up for that! 

If you want a dream life, which, for many of us, means becoming a millionaire, you've got to figure out what that life will look like. You've got to figure out how you're going to get that money to afford your lattes and afford that dream life. 

5. Give back to others. The last way to live your dream life is to become a millionaire and give back to others. Yes, you read that right. If you are such a compassionate, sweet, bleeding-heart person, become a millionaire to help somebody. Sure, you want to donate your time, but you can donate your time AND give $100 to someone. What if you became a millionaire and you could give that organization $25,000? You could then write a check and commit your time. If for no other reason, you become a millionaire so that your influence, sphere of influence, and people can be so much greater than you, and you can do so much more than you could have imagined, right? 

What happens if, instead of putting $1,000 in my savings account every month, I can donate $1,000? I can give $1,000 to this. I can buy $1,000 worth of diapers, give them to a local diaper fair or whatever. What if? What if? If you're going to have a dream life, it may include you having some money. And if you'll get some money, why not become a millionaire? Because we should all be millionaires! 

I would reread this book 100%. I told you I went and bought it for some friends of mine. It's definitely going to be a book I will read because I'm reading it and I find myself crying and I'm just like, What is this feeling? I'm getting like butterflies in my stomach and I'm like, what is this? What is this? I was dreaming. I was daydreaming about stuff I could do. I was daydreaming about how much money I could make in 10 days. I was daydreaming about being a millionaire. 

I was daydreaming about how to turn my dream into real action and become a millionaire. And I realized that I had not dreamt in a long time. Let me know: have you ever considered yourself a millionaire? And what are you going to do to become a millionaire? 

Until the next blog, 



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