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Three Reasons Magic is Relevant in 2023 | Big Magic book review

I love magic. Magic is fun because, unlike coincidences, magic is mystical, fun, and a little scary. My favorite type of magic has nothing to do with playing cards or making things disappear. Well, that's not true.

Big Magic has a way of making self-doubt disappear. Of course, I am talking about the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The Big Magic book is so important to me because it constantly challenges me to get out of my comfort zone. Also, I reread this book every year. It is February 16, 2023, and I reread this book on February 11, 2023. I love this book, and with every reading, I discover something else about the book that makes my creativity jump up and fill my brain with ideas.

The first way that this book is magical: Liz Gilbert is transparent. Transparency isn't a trait that I typically enjoy, but Liz keeps it REAL. She mentions how she did not write the book, Eat, Pray, Love for anyone but herself, which is why the book became such a massive success. Lize references books she wrote before, Eat, Pray, Love, and books she's written since and how they are often overlooked. If you can't make fun of yourself, are you even magical?

Second, this book makes you expectant. While reading this book, I wondered what big event or idea would change my life. Then Liz's transparency brings me down a notch, and I daydream again! I get excited thinking about the universe working to help me find my path and discover new ways to succeed.

NOTE: In March 2023, success looks like not getting a job. I'm looking for magical ways to earn $2,836 a month and cover my kiddo's credit card bills and daycare fees, so I can continue to write pitches and find other ways to keep earning my required monthly amount. As of October 2023, success looks like getting a 9 to 5 job to have money to pay two virtual assistants to help me run my media empire. Goals change as life changes.

Lastly, Big Magic is magical because it makes creativity feel normal. Let me explain.

When I read an amazing book, I imagine the author lying by the pool and thinking of words to add to sentences to create paragraphs that inspire my life. But, often, this is not the case. Liz explains that everyone can grab and idea and chase it down until it submits, and people can be open to ideas visiting them and creating from that inspiration. You can do it; I can do it. We all get inspired.

But if anyone can be inspired and everyone can act on that inspiration, why don't we? Because we must push past the fear. creating is normal because people are not amazing and magical when they create; people will feel fear and create anyway. Toni Morrison was fearful. Liz Gilbert deals with fear. even Oprah knows what fear feels like, but she created it anyway. When people create, they are creating despite the fear, not because they are immune to fear. And I love that.

Creative living beyond fear is the tagline of this book, and I aspire to live my life creatively beyond fear. So far, I am doing it too!

With my head in a book,



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