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Gossip Girls meets Stepford Wives | One of Us is Dead Book review

Imagine the juiciest secret you've ever heard, and then add drama and characters and some cheating spouses.

It's all in today's book.

So today I'm writing about the book One of Us is Dead. Geneva Rose writes this book, and the genre of the book is fiction.

The theme of the book is suspense thriller. But this is like a PG-13 suspense. The suspense was, it was, it certainly wasn't as suspenseful as other books that I've read.

So let's get into some more details about it. One of the very important quotes in this book was, "America was built on the backs of others.

 We're just carrying on the tradition."

 What do you do with that?

 There's so much truth there.

 There's so much fear there.

 And that quote was from one of the nastiest characters in the book, a woman named Olivia. The reason why that quote was important to me is because that quote was indicative of the mood of a lot of the characters in the book.


 So the book revolves around a hair salon and the patrons who come to the hair salon and have their hair serviced, waxed, and have their nails done.

 The class system was a really big part of this book. The book is based in Atlanta. There's a lot of money in Atlanta. There's a lot of old money in Atlanta.

So, there was also the issue of new money versus old money. The book had a lot of depth to it, and all of its characters were so intertwined. So the main characters were Jenny, Crystal, Shannon, Bryce, Mark, etc. But it actually was Jenny and her co-worker Keisha, Crystal and her husband Bryce, who was the ex-husband of Shannon, Olivia and Dean, but Olivia was also sleeping with Mark, Karen and her husband Mark, and Karen had a lover on the side.

So all of the characters' lives were intertwined and a lot of messiness was going on. It was like Gossip Girls meets the Stepford Wives. That's the best way to explain it, and it was a very, very entertaining book.

So, it takes us right into point seven: would I reread this book? Yes.

 In fact, I've started to read more books by the author Geneva Rose just to see if she has this witty, really funny style in every book, and I'm starting to see that she does.

So that was today's discussion of One of Us is Dead. As I mentioned, the book revolves around a hair salon, and let me tell you, as someone who waited more than two years to get my hair professionally done because of everything that was happening in the world and Man, I miss the gossip that goes down in hair salons.

I missed it.

I missed it, but I was able to get a good dose of it when I read this book.

So let me know if you've read anything by the author Geneva Rose or if you've read this book One of Us is Dead. If you have any questions about the book, leave a comment. I will definitely write you back.

Until next week, 


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