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Is this a COUNTERFEIT bag? Counterfeit book review

Lawyers are the smartest people ever. We know how to get around all the illegal things.

So, today, we are talking about the book Counterfeit. This book was written by Kirstin Chen. The genre of the book is fiction. The theme of the book is literature.

So, my favorite plot twist in this book is when we figure out why Ava is talking to the detective.

So Ava is this lawyer. She's huge and prestigious, and she has decided to stop practicing to raise her son. So she's hanging out and bumps into an old friend. She's dealing with her husband, and you're like, okay, she's got this life going. What's going to happen?

This is when Ava runs into an old friend, and everything goes wild. Right now, she gets caught up in this big counterfeit ring, and it's so funny to read.

Because she knows how to skirt the law, get away with everything, and get right up to the edge but not quite push the limit. And it's absolutely brilliant that it's a lawyer who is caught up in counterfeiting, right? You see her start to travel, and she's inspecting merchandise and doing everything. Her whole thing was that she didn't want to work in the law firm because she needed her own time. And now she gets caught up in this completely different illegal job.

So the reason why it's so essential that Ava's talking to the detectives. That's when we find out that she is still working a con right she still has an angle. Ava has a couple more cards up her sleeve that she has to play, and when you find that out, you're like, "Ava! You're not so naive! You're not this little housewife that we all thought you were!" 

A little bonus here: this is so important to me because when I worked in Big Law, I actually worked in counterfeits. I worked in an e-commerce intellectual property division, where we were dealing with online sellers who were counterfeiting our clients' materials, their logos, and all of their stuff, so this is super relevant to me. I mean, even the cover, you're like the title is 'Counterfeit,' there are bags in her eyes; something must be going on. 

But the fact that she's a lawyer is like if I took all of my knowledge and used it for evil instead of good! And even though I am so excited over the moon glowing about it I wouldn't reread it.

Ava was cute, but her husband was irritating. Winnie was okay, but Henry, or probably Henry, was the most exciting part about it. My criteria for whether or not I would read a book right has to be either a story that I would miss, and I want to revisit or the characters I want. I can imagine what they're doing after the book, and I want to see their story kind of again and I definitely would not forget that in this book okay so thank you for hanging out with me let me know do you enjoy books about lawyers are you interested in counterfeits have you ever had a counterfeit bag?

Have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes with counterfeiters and how they even get into that practice or that job? This book will give you all of the details about it, okay?

I'll see you next time,



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